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Kazan \ society \ President of Tatarstan answered questions of "Mayak" radio listeners live on air


President of Tatarstan answered questions of "Mayak" radio listeners live on air

August 20 President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev live on air of radio station "Mayak answered the questions of radio listeners. The next program of Yuliy Semenov People and authority: questions and answers" was devoted to the 1000-anniversary of Kazan.

Answering a question of the radio anchor "What means this grandiose date for Tatarstan and for Russia, the 1000-anniversary of Kazan?", Mintimer Shaimiev noted, that this is a significant event for any people, for any region. The opportunity presently to be its participant is responsibility both for authorities and for residents of the republic. In recent years such an uplift among the people is marked, changes in Kazan are so evident, it is worth just to take to the city streets. Kazan has always been deprived of attention, first of all from ours, President continued. Last decades we built new cities in Nizhnekamsk, Naberezhnye Chelny. Now, there is an opportunity to repay our debt.

On question the 1000-anniversary of Kazan is this event for all Russia as well ? - President of Russia Vladimir Putin replied at the first session of the state anniversary commission, having emphasized, that it is a date of international scale. The commission has been headed by the President of the Russian Federation, for what we are endlessly grateful to him, the head of republic said.

Concerning a history of the city, Mintimer Shaimiev told, that the Kazan university is the third by age in the country after Moscow and St.-Petersburg v celebrated 200-years anniversary last year. Look of the Russian state always was riveted to the East and Asia. Now, when we speak, that the world should be multi-polar, for Russia the Euro-Asian factor becomes more significant every year, - he told.

Having reminded live broadcast traced 14-years back with for the first time elected President of Tatarstan, Yu. .Semenov asked what personally for Mintimer Shaimiev means this event. The 1000-anniversary for me and for every Tatarstaner is joy and pride, - emphasized M.Shaimiev.

Many listeners got interested in means for preparation and holding the 1000-anniversary of capital of Tatarstan. As M.Shaimiev considers, means, first of all, should be spent in interests of Kazan. Even before preparation for the anniversary liquidation of dilapidated housing started For seven years 33 thousand families have managed to move to the new apartments constructed due to budgetary and off-budget funds. The Federal program of social and economic development of Tatarstan for 2001-2006 has been accepted, it is working very effectively, the means for its implementation are coming from the federal center. At the same time, since 2001, the receipts in the federal budget from Tatarstan have increased by 3.5. As a whole if to count up means from republican, federal sources and the budget of Kazan, credit resources, about 50 billion roubles have been spent for preparation to anniversary of the city. By M.Shaimiev's words, results of constructive work with federal ministers are obvious. For example, for five years, not having any experience, we have succeeded in construction of the Metro. The Metropolitan is a task order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

During a broadcast the listeners asked questions on the changes which have occurred in the city, on Kazan as about a cultural crossroads of Russia, tourism in Tatarstan, The point was also Kazan university from which more than 30 higher educational institutions of republic , scientific schools of Kazan come from. In particular, the head of republic noted, that the city pays tribute to the well-known fellow countrymen, the first monument to Fyodor Shalyapin has appeared in Kazan. Kazan is known also for the enterprises, intellectual forces are concentrated here who are working both for defense and peace production . Questions on development of social mortgage, support of small business by the state have sounded.

On a question about forthcoming the CIS summit in Kazan Mintimer Shaimiev declared the following: In historical angle this is a pleasant phenomenon for us. The consent was given practically by all country leaders of participants of the CIS. It is supposed, that the issue on the further structural improvement of the Commonwealth of Independent States will be considered. As to my vision of Commonwealth - first of all it should exist on the basis of mutual interest.

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